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Hi, I’m Cindy, a retired homeschool mom who ran out of children before running out of things to teach. Please join me on this venture of critical thinking and discovering God’s Fingerprint–everywhere.

Our youngest son, Nathan, left home for college February 2018. He left behind an empty hole in my heart as well as perfectly made bed in his cleaned-up room. I miss him terribly. Now that our nest is officially “empty”, I’ve turned to the world wide web to find a platform. On this site you can expect to explore God’s Fingerprints everywhere you look. The goal here is to help you, the Christian mother, to raise children who are dedicated to the Lord no matter what the cost. I want to come alongside you to build a foundation for choosing faith in God by inspiring both you and your children to discover and internalize God’s Fingerprint through critical thinking and observation. Why?

If they can’t prove God today, how can they choose God tomorrow?

I’ve seen too many Christian children from God-fearing homes walk away from the Lord when they leave home. My greatest desire is to come alongside you and your children, to provide family-friendly, motivating and interesting hands-on activities and insights as well as thought-provoking questions and a plethora of awe-inspiring tidbits for Christian families. The goal: increased faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

May you and your family enjoy discovering some of the acts and ways of God through His Word, the Bible as well as through His creation. On this site we will consider two places to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Truth: The Holy Scriptures and the book of nature.

Today, I seem to find principles from Scripture and then search those principles out in nature and human interaction. (See Matthew Maury, known as “Pathfinder of the Seas”, who charted the currents of the seas due to what he read in Psalm 8:8, “the fish of the seas that pass through the currents of the seas.”) At other times, I discover a principle in creation and then go to the Bible to understand the principle. (Recently, in learning about light circuits, I found that one of the rules of electricity is that it will always want to flow from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. In that fact is the principle that God’s heart will always want to flow from Himself to mankind–even me!) To quote Matthew Maury once more,

The Bible is true and science is true and therefore each, if truly read, but proves the truth of the other.

Please sit down, relax, and enjoy some of the parables and thinking activities presented here all with the goal of strengthening your faith in the Lord and, as a result, passing that faith on to your children. (Selah)

Lord bless and keep you,